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With 35 + years of experience providing professional creative events our projects cover a broad range of disciplines and ideas. We create and produce our Motone suite of events as well as partnering with other creatives and organisations to develop products for specific outcomes.
Some of our event partners include:

  • New Zealand High Commission,

  • The Cook Islands Government,

  • The New Zealand Ministry of Culture and Heritage,

  • Melbourne University and the Columbo Project,

  • The Cook Islands National Council of Women,

  • The Bank of the Cook Islands

  • The Cook Islands Consulate and High Commission in New Zealand,

  • Cook Islands Tourism,

  • Cook Islands Ministry of Culture

  • The New Zealand Festival of the Arts

  • Maoriland Charitable Trust

  • Creative New Zealand,

  • Photographic Artist - Greg Semu and ALCASTON GALLERY,

  • TeNati Film Festival - Tahiti,

  • INFINATY - Tahiti,

  • Cook Islands Superannuation

  • Edinburgh Military Tattoo

  • Pacific Power Association

  • Jackie Saunders and UB40

Motone Gold Event Partners

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From Opera to Blues, Drum and Bass to Jazz, Comedy to Carving symposiums we love to create live events that showcase Pasifika. With our BCI Opera in Rarotonga, our Divas in Paradise, Tarekareka 50 years Independence concerts, to intimate house concert with Julia Deans or Louis Baker or Comedy nights with the Improv Bandits we create entertainment events that bring audiences to their feet cheering for more.

Our Collaborations and Partnerships have enabled events that have proudly facilitated learning, knowledge sharing and networking. Be it working with Government entities, businesses, organisations or community we utilise our creative know how to produce  events that magnify the purpose and strengthen engagement.

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