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Motone and our Manaakitanga

Knowledge and Skill sharing 

Motone is a company that operates on a triple bottom line, Profit, People and the Planet. 

We are committed to providing arts education experiences, that can build options for careers for our youth.  We utilse not just our skills but the talents and resources of those we collaborate and connect with. 

Great musicians such as Lady 6, Julia Deans, Bella Kalolo, Fran Kora, Tiki Taane, Tina Cross, Benjamin Makisi, Filipe Manu, Elisha Fai Hulton, Mere Boynton and Murray Hickman , the list is long and ever growing of creatives who connect with us and share their talents to our rising stars of Moana Nui a Kiva

We run Music and Film workshops and programmes in the Primary and Secondary schools here in Rarotonga and Aitutaki and have partnered with Melbourne University and the Colombo project, Maoriland Film Trust and Through Our Lens to bring to life sound composition and film making.

KukiCre8tive  Logo_edited.jpg

KukiCre8tive is about igniting the creative passion of young people aged 8-16 years old through Performing Arts and Film and TV skills. We build young people up, using our professional community; supporting them to lead with creative projects and experiences that let our KukiCre8tives design their creative futures in a safe and professional environment. KukiCre8tive was established in 2020 as a school holiday option and was designed as a safe space for expression and storytelling for many young people who sit on the margins.


Originally formed to counteract bullying, and to build a programme for creativity to be a vehicle for expression. KukiCre8tive is an open access space for all young people who want to develop creative performing arts skills.The workshops are provided by Motone Productions and a network of creatives who give willingly of their time and experience. It is an interactive programme with Drama, Dance, Improv, Music, Television and Film making. Each participant learns the concepts and fundamentals of movement, acting, singing, musical rhythm songwriting, scripting, camera techniques the list goes on really as we diversify. We work to provide real outcomes building skills, interest, study opportunities and ultimately careers for our rising stars in the creative industry. 


KUKICRE8TIVE is about giving back to build Creative Futures. 

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