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Motone Productions produces and creates Film and TV content  that is award winning and screened all over the world.  

A documentary short film by Glenda Tuaine


This Award winning 15-minute documentary Produced and Directed by Film maker Glenda Tuaine  portrays the living treasure 'Taonga' Master Carver Mike Tavioni. The film weaves part of his life story, his connection to artistic expression in all its forms and his undeniable drive for change. This short documentary captures Mike’s connection with art and teaching. How he experiments and pushes boundaries when others will remain cautious. How he provokes and questions the status quo always pursuing knowledge to find answers to questions that others may be too conservative to ask

At Motone we collaborate with International and Cook Islands TV and Film makers to create Documentaries, Short Films,  Feature Films, Social Campaigns, Educational Modules and TV Series. 

Creating work in the Cook Islands and in our Moana Nui a Kiva - Our Pacific requires an understanding of  our environment, our culture and our people.

With our Creative partners we have delivered a variety of promotional, educational and showcase video products for our clients but visit our Vimeo channel to see for yourself . Videos on Vimeo

Motone specalises in: 

  • Producing                                      

  • Directing          

  • Sound Design and Engineering 

  • Storyline development

  • Scriptwriting

  • Production logistics 

  • Locations management 

  • Camera operators

  • Drone Operators


Film and TV Collaborations 

ATUI AKAOU - RECONNECT  Film Documentary by Raed Teariki Ra

Atui Akaou-poster 4.webp

Motone Productions worked collaboratively with ITU Productions to storyline develop then scripted, Co-Directed, and Sound engineered this ficiton and non fictional portrayal of resilience in the Cook Islands during the pandemic that affected the world, Covid-19. The project was supported in collaboration with Pasifika TV and Vaka TV. 

The documentary was screened on New Zealand TV and Pacific Islands TV

Examples of Motone projects and collaborations for Education, our Environment, the Community and the Arts

Our  Creative Collaborators

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